food trade.

Avatar is your partner of choice for complete end to end trading services in international food commerce.

Our Selection




  • Lamb leg
  • Lamb leg boneless
  • Lamb shoulder


  • Mutton meat
  • Mutton leg boneless
  • Mutton shoulder boneless
  • Mutton Fat


  • Goat Meat
  • Goat Leg Boneless
  • Goat Shoulder Boneless


  • Whole, Filet, Legs
  • Nuggets

Canned Meat

  • Luncheon Meat


Canned milk

  • Evaporated milk
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Caramelized milk

Cream cheese

Feta cheese
Oils & Olives

Oils & Olives

Extra virgin olive oil

  • Kalamata olives whole/pitted
  • Green olives whole/pitted
  • Green olives stuffed with garlic / with almond / with paprika



  • Frozen salmon slised or in portions
  • Smoked Fillet in vacuum

Tuna fish

  • Tuna chunks in brine
Stock cubes

Stock cubes





Bakery Products

Bakery Products

Greek pitta bread
Cypriot pita

Ethnic Food

Ethnic Food


  • (Soya, Chili, Sweet and sour, Oyster, Teriyaki)

Ready dishes

  • (Japanese dishes in cups, Ramen soups in cups and bags, Korean BBQ, Pad Thai chicken)
Fruits & vegetables preserves

Fruits & vegetables preserves



  • Peaches in syrup
  • Pineapples in syrup


  • Canned mushrooms (champignons) in brine
  • Legumes (Red beans, white beans, chickpeas, Green peas)
  • Eggplant puree

Our company

AVATAR Konstantinos Moysiadis

is a Food Agency House founded in 2015 and it is based in Warsaw, Poland. The company operates a branch in Athens, for the better support of its clients in Greece. The main asset of the company is the expertise in the international trading. The company offers its services to companies from  Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam and Greece.


To become a well-established reliable partner and a benchmark in the dynamic environment of international trade. To cultivate synergies with suppliers and buyers who will trust us for our professionalism, our reliability in the quality of the products and our services and for the fair prices we achieve. To secure flawless operations between the supplier and the buyer and offer win-win agreements for both sides.

Avatar Our Company


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With our suppliers

As partners in business, we are in constant contact, we monitor the market together and we are determined to enlarge the business.

About Products
  • We visit and contact our suppliers and we talk with them regularly in order to know 100% their products and their plans. Only then we can secure professional presentation and ability to explain, to advise and support sales and after sales service.
  • We know the capabilities of our suppliers and we plan together the long-term contracts for our clients.
  • We provide to our suppliers systematic feedback for the markets we are involved with statistics and market trends. We present exact needs and thoughts of our clients, helpful for our suppliers to match products or to adjust current production.
About sales
  • We analyze every market and potentials.
  • We design marketing plans together for each market and client.

    We evaluate the sales per client and market and build updated sales plans.

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With our buyers

We act with loyalty and flexibility and we are determined to deliver the contracts they need.

About Products

We visit and contact our buyers to know the progress of their sales, to analyze the market and secure they get:

  • The products they need
  • The quality they need
  • Competitive prices
  • Information for local and foreign market trends and statistics
  • Our proposals for new/innovative products
About logistics
  • AVATAR cooperates with many transportation companies, for road or sea transportation. All companies have been tested through the time and have proved specialties in specific routes. All these companies offer insurance for the goods. We bring in contact our clients with these companies, without any cost, to secure the best choice every time.
  • Avatar can undertake the transportation service on behalf of its clients and offer full and flawless service.
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Every year we strengthen our position in the market by adding new products and by enriching our partnerships.

As long as the mixture of the OFFER-DEMAND enriches in products and partners we can only offer:

  • More and higher-level solutions
  • More efficient role in the chain of SUPPLIER – BUYER
  • Increased volumes in sales and lower prices for our buyers
Our expansion in sales and products is the best proof for a high-level cooperation we have developed with both our suppliers and buyers.
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+48 519 481 117
Lazurowa 14e, lok. 27
PL-01315 Warsaw

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+30 6978 922 922
Patroklou 5­
GR-17778 Athens

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